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This years Procession is on the 4th June.

Bathgate Procession and John Newland Festival is an annual celebration which is known and highly-regarded throughout central Scotland. Local people and those not so local eagerly anticipate the event, which takes place every year on the first Saturday of June.

The event was started by the trustees of the Old Bathgate Academy in 1844 to commemorate the school’s founding. The procession began as a Founder’s Day Parade on April 17, 1844, in remembrance of John Newland’s contribution to the building of Bathgate Academy.

School pupils marched from The Academy that day to The High Church and the day was designated a holiday for the town by Newland Trustees who believed the date commemorated Newland’s birthday. And in 1849 after the service in the parish church, the pupils paraded through the town and began the tradition of a parade.



Procession in the Park

As I am just about dried out from last year’s event it gives me great pleasure to announce the programme for Procession in the Park 2016. Once again the best acts of their kind will perform for your entertainment at Meadow Park, Bathgate on the afternoon of Procession Day. A wide and varied programme ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We welcome to Bathgate two acts making their first appearance at Procession in the Park. In the live music marquee we have The Dawn Patrol making the long journey from Glasgow and performing for the first time in the main arena, Jason Smyth with his Adrenaline Tour.

Whilst it is always refreshing to welcome new acts to Procession in the Park it also warming to welcome back some familiar faces. It is a testament to the standing our event that these fantastic acts can’t wait to join us again. You can read more about all our acts on the next few pages.

Procession in the Park 2016 brings you an afternoon of first class entertainment and best of all, entry is free for everyone. This is your day, so regardless of what the weather brings, and as last year proved it can get rather wet, please come and join us at the Meadow Park.

Orator 2016

Orator 2016 – Dr. Helen Monica Rapport

I was born and brought up into a large happy Catholic family in Athol Terrace in the town, having five sisters and two brothers. My brother James and sister Elizabeth still live in Bathgate, while my other siblings, Edward, Maureen, Susan, and Brenda are scattered throughout the Central Belt, Fife and Ayrshire. My sister, Julie, the adventurous one, lives in California near San Francisco but her son, Michael, his wife Sophie and their baby daughter, Charlotte, live here, testimony to the appeal of family and the town today. I am very proud of my siblings who are all successful and include four teachers, a pharmacist and two sales experts, with my oldest brother, Edward, a former decorated Royal Naval man and a former serving Captain of the Royal Navy Golf team. My brothers and sisters are close and, although family ‘get togethers’ are sometimes difficult to arrange, the size of the ‘clan’ means that some of us can always make it. I am a proud auntie to five nieces and four nephews and now I am great auntie to three beautiful children: Jessica, Benjamin and Charlotte.

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