Procession Day

The Bathgate Procession takes place on the 2nd  June 2018.
Procession Day Timetable
6.00am Traditional morning call by solo drummer parading the town.
8.00am Judging of decorated houses and frontages commences.
8.30am Bands parade the town.
10.00am Judging of decorated floats in Marjoribanks Street.
10.30am Judging of decorated bicycles and fancy dress entrants in Marjoribanks Street
11:00am Walter, Marjory and Retinue and all other characters parade from the EU Church Hall to The Old Academy.
11:15am The Historical Pageant takes place at The Old Academy.
12 noon The Procession leaves The Old Academy and parades the town by way of Marjoribanks Street, Drumcross Road, Torphichen Street, Waverley Street, Livery Street, George Street, George Place, South Bridge Street and Glasgow Road.
1.15pm The Procession arrives at The Meadow Park.
1.30pm Entertainment commences at The Meadow Park.
5.00pm Massed bands parade from Meadow Park to George Street.
9.45pm Sale of torches for the torchlight procession in George Street.
10.15pm Torchlight Procession leaves George Street.
10.50pm Fireworks display – Meadow Park.